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                  Top 20 Products

                  Here is a list of product categories for the Top 20 Most Popular and Top 20 Hot New Releases. The ranking is system-generated and based on numerous buyer behavior factors. Most Popular shows the products with the highest buyer interest. Hot New Releases shows recently-posted products with the highest buyer interest.

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                  What's New

                  • New from Exhibitors
                  • New products from exhibitors at Global Sources' Fashion Accessories show. Selected by our Analysts.
                  • Analyst's Choice
                  • Innovative and newly launched products from the entire Asian supply market. Selected by our Analysts.

                  Additional Information

                  Meet Exhibitors At Our Global Sources Exhibitions

                  Global Sources
                  Fashion Show
                  Oct 27-30, 2020

                  See list of all Global Sources Exhibitions

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