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                  Sourcing News & Advice

                  Next-Gen Insider/Industry Trends

                  Samsung releases Galaxy Z Fold 3, Z Flip 3
                  Discover the upgrades and features of Samsung's latest foldable phones and how they may affect consumer consumption in the mobile electronics market. Read more
                  Health and wellness gadgets for everyday use
                  Source innovative and highly profitable health and wellness gadgets from Global Sources verified suppliers. Read more

                  Smart Sourcing

                  Get practical tips from leading sourcing experts - See all

                  Supplier Stories: Coming Trends in the Automotive Sector
                  Live panel on September 7 at 10AM GMT+8 – everything you need to know about the challenges and opportunities of automotive sourcing in the coming years.
                  Sustainable Sourcing: How Good and Green is Your Buying?
                  Sustainable Sourcing has become more important as companies looking to cut costs and boost production include developing countries in their supply chains.


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