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                  Ask the Experts

                  Welcome to Ask the Experts, where our leading panel of experts provide practical answers to your toughest questions about sourcing from China.

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                  Curated by
                  Mike Bellamy, American, 20+ years in Asia
                  Originally from Upstate New York, Mike moved to Asia in 1993.? At www.AsiaBridgeLaw.com, Mike serves as the Senior China Business Advisor to both Fortune 500 companies and small businesses.? Recognized as an expert on China sourcing, he has been interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Financial Times & Bloomberg.

                  A featured presenter on China business issues at seminars, trade shows and corporate events across the globe, many of his presentations are archived at www.asiabridgelaw.com/resources.?? Mike is also the author of “The Essential Reference Guide to China Sourcing” which includes a forward by Global Sources’ COO.

                  • Audits
                  • Branded Products
                  • Contract Assembly/
                  • Contracts & Negotiations
                  • Defective Goods
                  • Due Diligence
                  • Engineering & Design
                  • Import/Export Processing
                  • Intellectual Property
                  • International Commercial
                    terms (Incoterms)
                  • Lead Time
                  • Payment Terms
                  • Purchase Orders
                  • Quality Control,
                    Inspections & Sampling
                  • Setting Up a Factory/Office
                  • Shipping Logistics &
                  • Small Volume Orders
                  • Sourcing
                  • Supplier Relations
                  • Supplier Verification
                  • Taxes & VAT
                  • Wages & Labour Laws

                  Practical tips on effective negotiation and creating iron-clad contracts

                  Expert help on how to process imports and exports smoothly

                  Essential advice on how to protect your intellectual property in China

                  Key advice for determining terms of payment before placing an order

                  Effectively conduct factory inspections, quality controls and product sampling

                  Getting from "Here" to "There": Practical tips on sourcing logistics

                  All you need to know about sourcing successfully from China suppliers

                  How to verify if a supplier is legitimate: Pointers on how to verify if a China supplier is legitimate

                  Advice on China taxes and VAT payments and reimbursement