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                  Source Smarter with Global Sources

                  Global Sources Supplier Verification Processes
                  The following describes our supplier verification related systems, processes, icons and search filters.

                  Verified Suppliers are suppliers and exhibitors whose business registration details have been verified by independent third parties such as D & B (Dun & Bradstreet), Ease Credit, Experian or TüV SüD. (For buyers’ convenience GlobalSources.com also includes some suppliers who have not been verified.)

                  Verified Manufacturers are Verified Suppliers whose business scope, as licensed by relevant government departments, allows them to manufacture goods.

                  Exhibitors have been verified face-to-face by Global Sources staff and have had a physical booth presence at one or more Global Sources trade shows.

                  Business Registration Profile presents business information obtained from relevant government agencies, checked and provided by independent third parties such as D & B (Dun & Bradstreet), Ease Credit, Experian or TüV SüD. Details include year established, authorized capital, legal representative and business scope.

                  Supplier Capability Assessment is an independent, third-party report based on an onsite visit, and includes in-depth information about suppliers’ operations, production capabilities, QC processes, management and more. It is an optional paid service for all Verified Suppliers.

                  Counterfeit Products and IP We reject or pull-down suppliers proven to be fraudulent, but we are unable to intervene or make judgments in commercial disputes between buyers and suppliers. We also work closely with intellectual property rights holders to remove any counterfeit or infringing products.

                  Supplier Verification Summary
                  Verification Supplier Coverage
                  Check of Business Registration*
                  Verified Supplier Verified Supplier
                  All Verified Suppliers
                  Check business scope on Business Registration*
                  Verified Manufacturer Verified Manufacturer
                  All Verified Manufacturers
                  Face-to-face verification**
                  Exhibitor Exhibitor
                  All Exhibitors at Global Sources trade shows

                  * Conducted by independent third-party companies including D & B (Dun & Bradstreet), Ease Credit, Experian or TüV SüD
                  **Conducted by Global sources team members

                  How to use GlobalSources.com
                  You can use filters to limit your search results to show only Verified Manufacturers, Verified Suppliers and/or Exhibitors.

                  To see a supplier’s Business Registration Profile, mouse over the Verified Supplier or Verified Manufacturer icon next to the supplier’s name and click the View BR Profile link.

                  For a list of Global Sources trade shows exhibited at by an Exhibitor, mouse over the Trade Show icon next to the supplier’s name and click the View All link.

                  You can also filter search results by Star Ranking . Companies with more stars are generally larger and more experienced exporters. In addition, companies with more stars have paid more to get more exposure, and to provide you with more information to evaluate their capabilities.

                  Customer Services Contact Information
                  Please contact us if you have any concern about the accuracy or validity of the supplier information presented and/or if you have a complaint about a listed supplier:
                  1. Customer Service hotline: (852) 8121-2000
                  2. Customer Service email: service@globalsources.com
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